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50 Ton Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer
The tank body of the bulk cement tanker trailer is fixed and changed to an appropriate angle through a rotating machine, and the machine is automatically welded, and double-sided welding is adopted.
4 Axle Cement Tanker Trailer
We spray a layer of wax on the surface of the bulk cement tanker trailer before shipping, and we will wrap diesel engines of all cement trailers with rain cloth.
Wheat Flour Tanker Trailer
The flour tanker wheat trailer is mainly used to transport flour, carbon black, PVC particles, wheat flour, and other powder materials with a diameter of less than 0.01mm.
Cement Bulker Superlink Trailer
The cement bulker superlink trailer is a specialized type of transportation equipment used for hauling and delivering large quantities of cement.
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TITAN VEHICLE is a well-known supplier of semi trailers in China.

TITAN’s main products including bulk cement tanker trailer, cement bulker, powder tanker, pneumatic tanker trailer, silobas and other professional semi-trailers. Since 2004, TITAN factory has produced more than 60,000 semi-trailers.

TITAN VEHICLE International Trade Department was established in 2014 and exported more than 1,200 various trailer to all over the world every year.

4 axle cement trailer
tri axle cement bulker
w type cement bulker



Successful Cases

5 Axle Cement Bulker Capacity 70 Tons will be sent to Sudan
5 Axle Cement Bulker Capacity 70 Tons for Sale in Sudan - 5 axle cement bulker , cement bulker capacity 70 tons , cement bulker for sale in Sudan.
TITAN 2024 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
TITAN 2024 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
30CBM Cement Bulker Trailer will be sent to Saudi Arabia
30CBM Cement Bulker Trailer for Sale in Saudi Arabia - cement bulker , cement bulker trailer , cement trailer for sale.