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Powder Tanker

A bulk cement truck trailer can transport a lot of cement at once. Most importantly, it ensures that the quality of the cement in transit is safe from any dampening.
The bulk powder tanker for sale provides a perfect solution for the transportation of high volumes of cement especially for heavy construction projects.
After the production, all the TITAN bulk cement truck trailer will go through the pressure test and metal inspection testing, to ensure a good sealing property of our bulk cement transport truck trailer.
The discharge port of the pneumatic bulk tanker trailer body also adopts an enlarged design, which can ensure that the material can be supplied adequately when discharging, and the material can be discharged at the fastest speed.
TITAN 35m3 cement trailer for sale is made of T700 super high strength automobile steel. It is resistant to high pressure and bumps, ensuring that the tank body of the cement carrier trailer is very solid.
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